Workforce Management

Simplify forecasting, scheduling and real-time adherence with Workforce Management (WFM) software. Using different tools for forecasting, employee records, HR rules and entitlements can led to unproductive idle time, poor customer service, high attrition rates and untapped revenue potential. Workforce Management is designed to work across the enterprise, regardless of whether it is a call center, back office or an in-person service. It offers more accurate forecasting, better performance tracking, and stronger adherence and produces optimal schedules. Employees can have more flexibility and control over their schedules, and it frees managers to make better, faster, more informed decisions.

The result is a happier engaged workforce and higher customer satisfaction.

Solutions (WFM)

As Workforce Management (WFM) technology and customer needs continue to evolve so does the understanding of connecting process and technology. Group Elite Communications (GEC) team of trainers and consultants have a distinct advantage in helping customers get to the next level. Our business services team are not only trained and certified on delivery the leading WFM platforms on the market today, they are also past end users. We get to see the good, the bad and the wish it could do!

What We Do

  • Verint new installation and upgrade training
  • Workforce Management consulting
  • Best practice consulting, needs assessments, solution design, customized training and consulting packages

Why Us

  • Our team focuses on a boutique approach in working with our customers through the practical & technical with multiple real world examples of how to use a WFM platform
  • We are experts in being able to communicate complex technology into simple solutions. This experience helps our customers achieve their goals faster with less frustration
  • Your success is our success, we have frequent touch points after the sale and training is complete. Technology is complex, supporting you shouldn’t be
  • Group Elite has an in-house development team — have a great add on idea for WFM platform?  Let’s talk


When forecasts are inaccurate, schedules are unusable. Workforce Management forecasting software finds the balance between staffing demand and supply. Group Elite supplies forecasting and scheduling services in a multi-skill environment with embedded multi-skill simulation tools that mirror your routing logic to ensure optimal efficiencies. Accurately and easily forecast short, medium and long-term staffing requirements across all customer-facing inbound, outbound and back office resources.

Efficiency Gains In Areas Such As…

Lower Absenteeism – 37%
Less Shrinkage – 28%
Higher Productivity – 21%


Staff scheduling is a complex task. Providing convenient, flexible Workforce Management tools to help agents more easily trade schedules, request vacation time, and provide them with flexibility keeps them more engaged. WFM can help your business.
  • Create schedules that meet legal and contractual requirements, as well as taking into account employee skillsets, schedule preferences, and availability.
  • Plan around training, coaching and company events .
  • Synchronize all information with external systems such as HRMS, Payroll and Performance Management solutions.

Real-Time Visibility

Get real-time insights into agent schedule adherence with Workforce Management software. WFM real-time adherence allows you to compare agent schedules with those of the current ACD state. Lack of schedule adherence is indicated with alarms. All data, updated in real time, is available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, ensuring anticipated schedule inefficiencies
  • Track agent performance where ever you are on any device
  • Act faster with real-time feed, updated in seconds
  • Gain efficiency through increased schedule adherence
  • View quick and easy overviews with filtering functions

Take your WFM Solution to the Next Level with Group Elite’s Managed Services Offering (MSO)

Whether you’re new to workforce optimization or a mature and complex environment,
our veteran professionals can help you get the most out of your investment.