Group Elite’s approach to partnering is rooted in trust, open collaboration and true appreciation of the complex dynamics when multiple partners are involved in a sale. We effectively and successfully collaborate with partners of all sizes and specialties from large Telcos, to Global Sites and regional niche players.

Our Partnering with Partners success has driven not only hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for our partners but unprecedented CSAT scores for their customers. We are frequently brought in by partners to take over problem accounts, calm the customer down and get the project back on track and the customer on their way to satisfaction.

Getting the fundamentals right is critical for any partner eco-system and we have proven repeatedly that we can manage sales, projects and customers in a manner that makes us the preferred Verint partner for some of the largest Integrators and Vendors in the world.

Group Elite also enjoys a very successful relationship with Cisco and their Solution Plus partners. Together with Verint, we can provide the services to deploy, maintain and evolve your customers, or, we can offer you beach head solutions (like our Managed Services Offerings) to open doors in accounts you are trying to penetrate. We have the contact center and Cisco-specific knowledge to ensure your success.

In March, 2017 Group Elite became a Global Platinum Partner with Verint.

This relationship allows Group Elite to leverage their deep and broad Workforce Optimization skills across Verint’s industry leading portfolio of products and to bring Group Elite’s transformative, customer-centric approaches and Managed Services capabilities to Verint’s global customers, partners and prospects.

Group Elite believes strongly that the core value we bring to our customers is not rooted in the details of particular application usage (e.g. which button you have to press and when). While this is obviously important, most enterprise solutions have essentially the same capabilities and the real value lies in getting:

  • Optimal business returns out of the solution in a best-practice-based manner
  • Continual upward value over time and not letting the solution become merely a process that is being served
  • The solutions to be highly reliable in your specific and undoubtedly complex IT environment
  • Group Elite already has a number of Verint customers and are excited about the potential of this new partnership
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