Unlocking Hidden Potential with Employee Engagement

According to a report by Quantum only 29% of Americans are engaged in their work, and 6/10 American millennials say they’re open to different job opportunities. The level of disengagement for workers in the U.S. is not an anomaly, as Gallup also found that 87% of employees worldwide are disengaged in their work.

This can have dire consequences for companies that have low engagement. Companies that have lower levels of engagement have lower productivity rates, experience higher rates of absenteeism, lower customer ratings and are less profitable compared to companies that have higher rates of engagement. On the flip side, empowering and engaging employees can have seemly positive results. Employees that are engaged and empowered feel accountable, responsible and ownership for the work they perform. This translates into longer term employees, higher retention rates, increased efficiency and reduced costs associated with customer experience issues.

So how do engage your employees? There are two main strategies that you can use to help engage your employees:

1. Empower Employees 

Empowering agents encourages them to feel responsible, accountable and ownership for their work. One way to empower your agents is through scheduling. With NICE’s Agent WebStation, agents are able to submit schedules changes, which can help manage their day to day better. This specifically helps those agents, who are multi-skilled. Multi-skilled agents often find themselves switching between different tasks, sometimes on a daily basis. Agent WebStation allow agents to submit those tasks to reflect on their schedules. Changes such as chat, email, fax to be updated in their schedules, in order to maintain their adherence on track. They won’t have to rely on anyone else to submit those requests for them. Little things like that that can add that sense of empowerment to an agent. In turn it also creates agent accountability

2. Provide feedback on performance and personalize coaching 

Engage and motivate your employees by providing them with feedback and personalized coaching. NICE Real-Time Adherence, in conjunction with WFM, allows contact center managers to assess employee efficacy and efficiency. Managers can take this data and use it to provide personalized coaching to agents based on their needs, and set clear goals and objectives to help agents to improve.
Making these investments will increase job satisfaction and job loyalty among your agents, which in turn will increase efficiency and guarantee excellent customer service for every call.