Quality Management allows you to focus on the areas that matter to your company and customers. Achieve your business goal of higher standards with the right Quality Management tools. Incorporate business data with call recording to create an evaluation plan around the calls that you want to focus on. Supervisors can pre-define their quality plan and let the system select calls based on business needs whether this is high value calls, outliers, past coaching areas or attainment of specific KPI’s.

Quality Management: A Holistic View of the Contact Center

Role-based dashboards provide a single, holistic view of quality status and improvement trends across your entire contact center operations. Dashboards let you start at the overall objectives for your team and drill down to the fine details, finding the exact interactions you need. Personalized reports, alerts, tasks, and KPI triggers are right at your fingertips – a quick and easy view of what matters most.

Transform your QM program with Analytics