NICE Interactions Americas and EMEA

On May 23 the Group Elite team attended NICE Interactions, the industry’s largest event of the year, with over 2,000 customers and industry leaders gathering to share knowledge and best practices as well as learn about the latest NICE solutions and capabilities. As a Platinum Partner, Group Elite was able to connect with industry professionals, share best practices and showcase our outstanding services and solutions This year’s Interactions was even more exciting than previous years for Group Elite as we were not only introducing our new managed service offering but also our very own Chris Huegel was giving a presentation on How Managed Services Are Disrupting the Maintenance and Service Status Quo. Chris’ presentation focused how managed services can help to transform businesses and drive value.

After NICE Interactions Orlando attended the NICE Interactions London event on June 9th at the May Fair Hotel. Interactions London provided an opportunity to connect with our NICE EMEA partners and to discuss what our specialties are and what capabilities we have to deliver the NICE Portfolio. The Interactions London customer event was also spectacular, with amazing speakers and great panel. Our own Jim Minatra was on a panel on NICE IEX WFM where he provided feedback to customers who wanted to further understand the technology behind WFM 6.4/6.5.

Group Elite was a Platinum Sponsor of both Interactions Orlando and London. We firmly believe in possibilities that both events hold to foster innovative ideas and provide thought-provoking insight into trends, challenges and opportunities for our customers and partners.