Why Managed Services Offering (MSO)

Mitigating Risk

Group Elite’s revolutionary Managed Services Offerings (MSO) operate in the Verint environment and allow our customers to focus on running their business, not worrying about whether their Workforce Optimization Solutions are up and running, or, perhaps more importantly, providing maximum continuous value to your business.

What are the risks, liabilities or exposure to your business if calls are not reliably recorded and archived? With defined Service Level Agreements, a fully staffed, live-person 24 x 7 x 365 Network Operations Center and proprietary monitoring tools, you can be assured that not only will we react to issues in real time, we will proactively identify potential problems before they impact your mission critical systems.

Depending on the needs of your business, Group Elite can provide an MSO to cover everything from system monitoring, troubleshooting and corrective action, to best practice consulting, or actually performing the day to day operations of your Workforce Optimization Solutions including Recording, Quality Management, Speech Analytics and Workforce Management and our bundled administration blocks will provide predictable costs, ease of administration and rapid execution of all projects large or small.

Our competitively priced Managed Services Offerings are available directly to customers or for resale through partners.

Managing Complex Solutions

Extracting Value & Controlling Costs

  • Staff Augmentation
  • Solution specific certified Subject Matter Experts
  • Change management
  • Bundled administration blocks for moves, adds and changes provide predictable costs, ease of administration and rapid execution

Ensuring System Reliability

Core Offering

24/7/365 Proactive Live-Person Monitoring

Comprehensive Weekly Assessment Report

Defined SLAs

Streamlined Case Resolution

Proprietary Reporting and Event Capture Technology

Adherence to Corporate Change Control Polices

Daily System Assessments

Operational Oversight

Optional Offerings

Highly Skilled System Administrators

Professionally Trained and Certified Analysts

Business as Usual Daily Administration

Graceful Platform Migrations

Optional Resources

Administration, Business Manager & Consulting

Certified Systems Administrator:

  • Daily Health Checks
  • Day to Day administration of Moves, adds and changes (non project based)
  • Documentation management

Client Business Manager

  • Change and process management
  • Design and engineering
  • Day to day operations


  • Best practices
  • Operational and optimization strategies
  • Culture change enablement

Network Operation Center (NOC)

Group Elite Communications NOC monitoring allows customers to rest easy knowing that they are no longer reliant on Sentinel email notifications for mission critical systems. Our proprietary solutions, EliteView and Overwatch, bring an additional layer of protection and value for businesses.

Group Elite has developed a first of its kind WFM monitoring tool with EliteView giving our NOC the necessary insight into the health of your WFM platform in real time; making Group Elite the only Managed Services provider with this capability.

Group Elite’s Overwatch is powered by Solarwinds giving us the capability to monitor locations around the globe. Solarwinds is the #1 rated Network and Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics solution for “ability to execute” – 2016 Gartner Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) Magic Quadrant Report