Ensuring Quality Service Across All Channels

In the age of omni-channel, improving customer service is easier said than done. Customer service not only has to be perfect every time, but consistent across all locations, channels, lines of business and departments. Implementing a quality management process is the first step in ensuring you are providing consistent and excellent customer service. This week in Elite Insights we explore tips and tricks on how to take your quality management plan to the next level.

30 Tips to Improve Your Call Quality Monitoring

Quality monitoring plans can be found in any contact center regardless of size or industry. In this piece, the folks at Contact Center Helper surveyed leaders from a variety of industries to come up with 30 tips to help you improve your call quality monitoring. Tips include supporting feedback, forums, high-yield behaviours and more.

Omnichannel Quality Management: What Are the Criteria by Which Contact Centers are Being Judged?

The goal of omni-channel customer service is to maintain a consistent level of customer service regardless of the channel. The ability to effectively monitor customer communications throughout the complete customer journey is critical to a successful quality program. In this piece, the folks at CRMXchange explore the benefits businesses can realize by utilizing a comprehensive omni-channel quality management system.

The Key to Excellent Customer Service: Call Calibration

Call calibration is the key to providing excellent customer service across all channels and lines of business. GEC’s team of experts list 7 ways you can set up a call calibration process that is guaranteed to put your quality plan on the road to success.

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