Elite Insights: Supporting Supervisors

Supervisors are the superheroes of the contact center: they are responsible for boosting moral, ensuring high productivity, and preventing employee churn. However, managing a contact center that is productive, successful and well-liked is no easy task. That is why supervisors, not unlike other superheroes, need strategies and tools. This week in Elite Insights we show what strategies and tools contact center supervisors can use to manage a workplace that is loved by both employees and employers.

Providing piece of mind to supervisors

Keeping up to date with team schedules is one of the many tasks of a contact center supervisor. In some contact center environments, it is part of the process for workforce management staff to email schedules to supervisors weekly, biweekly or monthly. As a result, supervisors don’t have immediate access to their team schedules until they receive them via email, and it is only after the supervisors receive the schedules will they send it out to their agents.

This slow process is eliminated with NICE Workforce Management (WFM). In Supervisor WebStation supervisors will be able to access their team schedules with ease, as well as other teams who need support.  Additionally, with Agent WebStation, supervisors won’t have to worry about providing agents with their schedules since agents can access their schedules from their desktop.

Allowing supervisors to have more flexibility

In some call center environments, part of an agent’s performance also includes adherence, which means agents are expected to follow their schedules accordingly. Sometimes agents with particular skill sets or responsibilities may be asked to perform additional tasks, which may cause them to not adhere to their schedules.

To alleviate this problem, supervisors can submit schedule changes on behalf of their agents to ensure their schedules reflect accurately what their agents were doing. This will help keep an agent’s adherence on track with other agents in their contact center and not penalize agents. Based on existing procedures, schedule changes in this context can either be automatically approved or require WFM/Manager approval.

By utilizing these tools and strategies, supervisors can help foster a contact center that will exceed the expectations of customers and employees. For more exclusive expert advice on how to take your NICE solutions to the next level, follow Elite Insights updates on our website and social media platforms!