Elite Insights: Summarization

At Group Elite, we want to help you reach your business and technical goals. That is why in our new blog series, Elite Insights, we are going to give you exclusive insights on how to best utilize NICE products and services.

So what kind of information can you expect from Elite Insights?  In our premier issue we show how the Summarization function of your NICE Quality Management Software can increase efficiency and improve performance.

As long as evaluations and calibrations are completed on the same evaluation form you can use the summarize function within Business Analyzer. This will allow you to see a side by side comparison of the selected evaluations to quickly identify differences and similarities

What can you use Summarization for?

1. Do you have an audit the auditor process in place? Use the summarize function to create a summary to quickly compare the differences and similarities of the original evaluation and the auditors evaluation side by side.

2. Are you printing your evaluations forms to use in your 1×1 sessions with your agents? Instead of printing off each of the evaluations individually use the summarize function to create a side by side comparison of the evaluations you want to provide feedback on. Then export it to excel and create a one page take away to share with them in your meeting.

3. Are you holding calibration sessions? Use the summarize function to create a summary of all of the calibrations completed against the original evaluation prior to your calibration session. This will allow you to quickly identify where your group is not aligned allowing you to focus on those key areas and maximize the time you spend together in your sessions.

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