CX Insights: Speaking Analytics

The number of digital customer service channels has exploded in recent years. Customers can now interact with companies via live chat, tweets, messages, video calls and more. What is surprising is that although these channels are available to customers, calling a customer service line still is the dominant channel customers use to contact businesses. For this reason, speech analytics can be pivotal in improving CX. However, to maximize the potential of a speech analytics solution, customers need to understand how it can be used to improve CX. This week CX Insights highlights informative articles posted by CRMXchange, Call Center Helper, the Business Standard and Forrester to help you provide excellent customer experiences through speech analytics.

3 Speech Analytics Myths You Should Stop Believing

There are a number of myths surrounding speech analytics that still exist even among those who use the solution. CRMXchange delves into three popular myths surrounding speech analytics. Although utilizing speech analytics can initially be challenging, debunking these myths can help ease the learning curve.

Almost 40% of Businesses View the Contact Centre as a “Cost Centre”

In their survey, the experts at Call Center Helper found that almost 40% industry professionals still believe that the contact center is costly. This sentiment supports the conclusion that contact centers are being underutilized. If industry professionals could reap the benefits of solutions like speech analytics, they could drastically improve CX, and, their bottom line.

As you speak with customer care, so you get the service: Study

Research by University of British Columbia, published recently in the Journal of Applied Psychology, found that customers reaped what they sowed in terms of customer service. Beyond identifying that customer service quality suffers when customers are rude or aggressive, this study describes what exactly customers say that provoke bad service. This basis is a good basis for words and phrases that should be identified by speech analytics solutions.

Understand The Promise Of Real-time Speech Analytics To Prepare To Overcome A (Large) Budget Hurdle

Retroactively examining calls can help improve the overall customer experience… for future interactions. However, with the possibility of real-time analytics, companies can now intervene in real-time. This ability could help improve CX on on-going basis, prompting the speed of CX innovation within companies. Ian Jacobs

[] details the benefits of real-time speech analytics and what hurdles customer service pros will face to justify obtaining it.

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