CX Insights: Customer Experience in 2017

Happy New Year from Group Elite! We hope that you are as excited as we are to dive into the New Year with fresh ideas for better customer service and workforce management.  To start off the New Year right, this issue of CX Insights focuses on emerging customer service trends that will revolutionize how the contact center operates in 2017.

How Self-Service Technology Is Changing the Contact Center Job Landscape

In recent years, one of the fastest growing customer service trends is self-serve customer service. Instead of calling into a contact center for every query, customers are being empowered to use a variety of resources provided by the company to answer their questions. Ian Jacobs, a senior analyst at Forrester, argues that the growth of self-serve customer service is radically changing the landscape and function of contact centers.  Since self-serve customer service can help customers solve simple issues, contact centers are becoming the resource for more specialized problems. As a result, the knowledge base and functions of front-line contact center agents will change in the future.

Infographic: 12 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them

Making strides in customer service in 2017 can’t be done without knowing what the customer thinks is great customer service.  Neil Davey from MyCustomer asks: how well do you know your customers and their customer service expectations? To help you achieve your CustServ goals, Davey provides a much needed round-up of 12 things your customers wish you knew about them.

How People Build an Unusually Large Sense of Trust in Services like Uber and Airbnb

What is one of the oldest and newest customer service trends? According to Mareike Möhlmann, assistant professor at the Warwick School of Business, it is trust. The rise of sharing economy platforms such as Airbnb and Uber – where you pay a stranger for a service – are dependent on trust. With the use of some key digital features, trust is being built between people that have never met each other.  This kind of business strategy is as old as time, but it is being re-vamped for the 21st century in a new and refreshing way.

Only 47 Percent of Customers Are Interested in Drone Delivery, Survey Claims

Technical innovations to improve CX are constantly being developed. However, it is important to remember that not every new technology may be suited to your business and please your customers. Improving your CX with technological transformation should improve interactions at customer touchpoints while avoiding unnecessary privacy and security risks.

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