CX Insights: Customer and Digital Transformations

Forrester predicts that in 2017 one-third of businesses will re-structure their business to compete on the basis of customer experience. Are you up to date on emerging customer experience technologies and trends? We have you covered. In Group Elite’s new blog series, CX Insights, our team highlights industry-leading insights into emerging customer experience trends and technologies that can help your business gain a competitive advantage. This week Augie Ray from Gartner discusses putting technological innovation behind CX innovation, Victor Milligan from Forrester highlights the emotional gap between banks and their customers, Shep Hyken examines customer-focused marketing and the expert panel from Call Center Helper explores contact centers’ multi-channel mistakes.

Your Brand Needs a Customer Experience Transformation Before a Digital Transformation

As technological innovations continue to make communicating easier and faster, companies have adopted digital strategies to accommodate for many ways customers can contact them. Augie Ray contends that although adding digital customer service support is important, it should not be treated as a separate form of customer service. Ray argues that in order to ensure exceptional customer experiences, digital processes should support and work seamlessly with traditional methods of customer service, to avoid a siloed support strategy.

The Threat (And Opportunities) Facing Banks Today 

The banking industry is experiencing an unprecedented amount of change with emerging financial technologies and online banking alternatives. In light of this new banking environment, traditional banks are slowly starting to react and adopt a more customer-centric approach. Victor Milligan surveys a panel of experts to see what threats and opportunities traditional banks are facing today. One of the most interesting points from Milligan’s piece is that although banks have been active in creating digital services and mobile apps to provide personal digital experiences, they have only been codifying existing practices and not creating new experiences.

Together, Milligan’s and Ray’s pieces highlight one of the foremost challenges of digital customer service: digital should be part of the overall customer service strategy, but customer service needs to be tailored to it. Mastering this challenge is the key to providing exceptional customer service.

13 Mistakes to avoid with Multichannel 

Customer experience experts have dubbed multi- or omni-channel customer service as a basic necessity for creating exceptional customer experiences. Customers have more options when it comes to contacting companies and having multi-channel capabilities helps contact centers accommodate to customer preferences. However, adopting a multi-channel approach alone will not guarantee an exceptional customer experience. Call Centre Helper’s expert panel discusses what mistakes your contact center may be making with your multi-channel capabilities and how to fix them

The Customer Experience Is Your Best Marketing

In the 20th century marketing was intended to push customers to buy a product. Businesses framed a product as something customers not only wanted, but needed. Yet, Shep Hyken argues that this type of marketing is obsolete. Today, the most persuasive marketing strategy is customer experience. Great reviews and service as well as meaningful engagement is more successful than pushy traditional marketing tactics, and Hyken argues that companies need to recognize the shift.

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