Knowing Your Customer

Identify what factors can improve customer satisfaction, improve processes and products, and enhance agent productivity and performance with multi-channel analytics. Every customer interaction offers an abundance of information and has potential to help your organization deliver cohesive levels of service across different channels.

Multi-channel analytics gives businesses the ability to categorize interactions into key business initiatives such as Customer Satisfaction, Repeat Interactions, and Website Inquiries. These categories can be targeted and used for analysis, trending, and also to perform root-cause analyses. Many customers leveraging multi-channel analytics identify cost saving opportunities within the first months of deployment.


Why your customers contact you using an intuitive interface to extract information you previously didn’t know existed.

Trends and emerging issues with one click insight. Ease of use and access lend to quick user adoption.

Root cause analysis and search across interaction channels. Connect customers across multiple channels rather than voice only.


Increase customer satisfaction
Identify agent knowledge gaps
Use targeted coaching to improve gaps
Decrease customer churn
Increase sales conversions, up-sales and cross-sales opportunities
Understand the customer journey across multiple platforms
Align departmental goals to achieve organizational goals

Multi-channel analytics

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